Gossip Girl Memes ♥

Random Obligatory Disclaimer: NONE OF THESE MEMES ARE MEANT TO BASH ANY CHARACTER/SHIP. Everyone's a little biased, eh? Might as well have a good laugh while we're at it!



"more memes! i laughed for a good 5 mins on every post... Chair forever<3 don't see how anyone CAN'T see that they're eachothers destiny"

ahh finals are coming up but once i’m done I’ll get back on dat meme grind!! Glad my blog was able to make you laugh ^_^ 


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moral of the story :
never trust a pretty writer cause they always are psychopaths

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Finally summer break so I have time now to rewatch GG c: Gonna start working on some more memes!!

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literally the best summary of all 6 seasons of gossip girl


literally the best summary of all 6 seasons of gossip girl

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"I just looked through your entire tumblr, and I'm in love with your blog. The non-judging breakfast club is worth every fan-girling minute, and I'm a Chair fan through and through. But if there's one thing that I can count on, it's Rufus and his waffles. Team Brooklyn! Anyways your memes are classic and so is your wit."

Thank you so much!!! <3 RUFAFFLES4LYFE

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